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Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Solutions deliver
vital, actionable insights – helping labs achieve
superior outcomes

By Ken Suzuki
Agilent Marketing Director, CrossLab Group

In laboratories around the globe, scientists and researchers are making breakthrough discoveries to improve the quality of life. This makes today’s lab a place of tremendous change and growth. With instrumentation and processes becoming ever more complex, pressures on cost containment rising, and competing goals threatening to overshadow the actual work – the lab environment today is a place of tremendous challenge.

Figure 1. Agilent scientific and technical specialists deliver global expertise to your lab.

Integrated approach to lab operations maximizes performance, reduces costs, and drives better outcomes

Agilent CrossLab offers a groundbreaking, integrated approach to meet these challenges and optimize lab operations. Built upon decades of leadership and innovation, Agilent CrossLab is a comprehensive, coordinated method of providing services, supplies and software that dramatically improves laboratory efficiency and productivity. Additionally, Agilent CrossLab provides direct access to a global team of scientific and technical experts who deliver vital, actionable insights at every level of the lab environment (Figure 1). Insights that maximize performance, reduce costs, and ultimately drive improved economic, operational and scientific outcomes.

Services, supplies and software for maximized throughput and return on investment

Agilent CrossLab is comprised of four major components:

  • Scientific Solutions and Supplies – A broad range of analytical solutions based on innovative chemistries in LC columns, GC columns and sample preparation. A complete portfolio of supplies and parts engineered for increased efficiency for a wide variety of analytical instruments from Agilent and other manufacturers. Applications and workflow consulting are available from an organization with more than 70 years of experience providing industry-specific solutions that improve laboratory performance and economics.
  • Multivendor Service and Support – Expert maintenance and repair of instruments for a wide variety of manufacturers. Regardless of laboratory configuration, Agilent CrossLab can combine onsite service and remote diagnostics to deliver the exact level of support that best meets a lab’s goals and budget. Laboratories can choose from a wide range of service options that maximize throughput, ensure compliance, and minimize costly downtime.
  • Enterprise Asset Management – A comprehensive approach to asset lifecycle management that helps define the precise instruments for your needs, then enhances utility and lifecycle value to achieve desired business outcomes.
  • Laboratory Business Intelligence – A laboratory-wide accounting of equipment uptime, utilization and service history that maximizes return on investments. This includes extensive data collection, measurement, and reporting on the overall effectiveness of all lab assets.

Figure 2. Agilent thought leaders partner with you to achieve operational excellence.

With Agilent CrossLab, everything is connected. Integrated account management, superior delivery coverage, and scientific and technical expertise combine to create a full-scale, flexible program that can meet and adapt to a lab’s ever-changing needs. Agilent CrossLab also provides a seamless connection to the worldwide talent and resources of the Agilent community. Lab techs will have broad access to a team of experts who will partner with them to achieve operational excellence and realize new opportunities (Figure 2).

Agilent CrossLab – Resources, knowledge and expertise to improve your busy lab’s operations

Discover the many advantages of employing Agilent CrossLab resources to advance your lab’s performance and drive its improved economic, operational, and scientific outcomes. Enterprise Laboratory Asset Management provides flexible service and support solutions to laboratory operations management. Agilent CrossLab Operations and Strategy provides key business insights, helps solve tough technical problems, and dramatically improves measurable outcomes across laboratory operations.

Our entire organization stands ready with resources, knowledge, and expertise to advance your science and grow your business. Whether your goal is to simply maximize the performance of a single instrument, or fundamentally reshape your lab itself, we are passionately committed to your success. Take a moment to visit our Agilent CrossLab Resource Library now to explore such helpful tools as videos, white papers, articles, and technical overviews.