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Mx3000P QPCR Systems - Details & Specifications

The Mx3000P system is amoung the most reliable and trusted QPCR instruments available, with a long record of citation in peer-review journals.  Offering unmatched flexibility and reliability, the systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications and chemistries (including but not limited to: gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, SNP genotyping, pathogen detection, DNA methylation analysis and chromatin immune-precipitation studies. Highly reproducible results are the product of the Mx3000P’s single light source, single detector precision optic scanning design, providing uniform excitation and detection, coupled with the trusted Peltier-based thermal system, which ensures uniform ramping and thermal accuracy. The advanced optical system used by the Mx3000P offers numerous benefits:

Eliminates optical variation by ensuring uniform excitation intensity and emission measurement from well-to-well, across the entire plate. Elimination of optical variation comes from the single-scanning fi ber optic head design that ensures:

  • Each well receives the same amount of excitation light
  • Each well receives excitation light for the same length of time
  • Each well is the same distance from the detector

    Eliminates the need for well-to-well signal correction by calibration or reference dyes. Uniformity of well-to-well measurements from the single-scanning fi ber optic head design reduces the need for additional signal correction and calibration steps, streamlining your assay.

    Allows accurate quantifi cation of low- to high-abundance targets. Use of a single photomultiplier tube (PMT) that provides linear detection over ten orders of magnitude ensures superior sensitivity and reproducibility.

    Increases flexibility. Four optical channels with user-selected filters that cover a broad range of excitation wavelengths, allowing use with most fluorescent dyes

    Mx3000P QPCR System—Full-Featured Performance

    The Mx3000P is a high-performance yet low-cost option designed to accommodate basic to advanced experimental applications. Featuring four optical channels with user-selected filters covering a broad range of excitation wavelengths, the Mx3000P can be used with most fluorescent dyes, bringing flexible real-time qPCR instrumentation to the individual researcher with a limited budget.


    Instrument Specifications
  • Excitation source: Quartz Tungsten Halogen lamp
  • Detector: 1 scanning photomultiplier tube (PMT)
  • Multiplexing capabilities: 4 targets in the same tube
  • Thermal system: solid-state, Peltier-based
  • Embedded computer safeguards data
  • Tube/plate formats: 200 µL , 96-well format, optimized for 25 µL sample size
  • Filters: Dual customizable filter wheels with four user-selected filters*
  • Dynamic Range: 10 orders of magnitude
  • Excitation Range: 350nm-750nm
  • Emission Range: 350nm-700nm
  • Temperature Uniformity: +/- .25°C at 72˚C
  • Temperature Ramp Rate: up to 2.5°C/second
  • Temperature Range: 25-99°C
  • Dimensions: 14¨ (35.6 cm) W x 20¨ (50.8 cm) D x 18¨ (45.7 cm) H, weight: 45 lbs (20.4 kg)

    *Choice of filters includes: ALEXA Fluor 350 (350nm-440nm), FAM/SYBR® Green I (492nm-516nm), TET (517nm-538nm), HEX/JOE/VIC (535nm-555nm), Cy3 (545nm-568nm), TAMRA (556nm-580nm), ROX/Texas Red (585nm-610nm), Cy5 (635nm-665nm), ATTO (440nm-492nm), and HYB Probes (492nm-635nm).

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures