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Competent Cells for Random Mutagenesis - Details & Specifications

XL1-Red Competent Cells

XL1-Red Competent Cells can be used to introduce random mutations in a cloned gene of interest through a highly efficient, rapid and reproducible method.  XL1-Red is deficient in three of the primary DNA repair pathways. The mutS (error-prone mismatch repair),  mutD (deficient in 3´- to 5´- exonuclease of DNA polymerase III)  and mutT (unable to hydrolyze 8-oxodGTP)  mutations were introduced into the XL1-Red strain using basic bacterial genetics. The random mutation rate in this triple mutant strain was measured to be ~5000-fold higher than that of wild-type. This strain is particularly suitable for generating random mutations within a gene that has no selectable or screenable phenotype, and the method does not require extensive genetic or biochemical manipulations.

Efficiency:  =1 x 106 transformants/µg of pUC18 DNA

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures