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AriaMx Realtime PCR System - Details and Specifications

Feature Description
Excitation Source 8 dye specific LEDs per optical module
Detection Sources 8 silicon photo-detectors per optical module
Dyes SYBR/FAM 462.5 – 516.0nm
Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2 > 0.980)
HEX 535.0 – 555.0nm Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2 > 0.980)
ROX 585.0 – 610.0nm Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2> 0.980)
CY3 542.0 – 568.5nm Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2 > 0.980)
CY5 635.0 – 665.0nm Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2 > 0.980)
ATTO425 435.0 – 475.0nm Detectable Ct for 0.001ng/DNA per reaction (R2 > 0.980)
6 slots, swappable cartridges
Custom cartridges, available upon request
Dye Selection Excitation and emission
Reaction Volume 10μl to 30μl
Chemistries Supported SYBR, Probe, HRM
Thermal System Six peltiers made from two ceramic plates with semi-conductor elements, 96 well
Thermal System Temperature Range 25.0 – 99.9°C Heating: 6°C/sec Cooling: 2.5°C/sec Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
Dynamic Range 9 orders of magnitude
Comparative Quantitation 2x (Range 1.3x to 3x), 10x (Range 6.5x to 15x)
Multiplex 5 channels
Sensitivity (FAM) Discriminates between 2 fold populations ranging from 100k to 12 copies with 95% confidence
Cq uniformity Cq St Dev <0.20 at fast cycling (5sec 95°C/10sec 60°C)
Uniformity ± 0.4°C
Tm Uniformity with HRM ± 0.1°C St. Dev. Less than or equal to 0.03°C
Data acquisition time 3 sec for data acquisition in all six channels
Electrical Power (input) 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1100A
Operating Environment 20 – 30°C, 20 – 80% non-condensing humidity, 7500 feet, max altitude
Weight 50 lbs. (23 kg)
Dimensions 19.7” W x 18.1“ D x 16.5” H (50cm x 46cm x 42cm)
Sample Containers 0.2ml tubes, 96 well plates, strip tubes
Warranty • 1 year warranty is standard with the instrument
• 5 year warranty and service packages available
Onboard Analytics • Thermal, physical, interactive (sensors) tests
• Extended: 120 performance points tested in 30 minutes
• Start-up: 20 performance points tested in ~1 minute
• Optional bypass of both features
Services (upon request) • Installation and familiarization
• Standard and Enhanced Preventative Maintenance
• Additional year warranty (+1 increments, up to 5 years coverage)
• Return-to-Agilent Instrument Exchange Program
• Thermal block verification
Operating System Windows 7
Run Modes • Stand alone
• PC connected
• LAN connected: more than 20 instruments can be connected and monitored remotely
• Two USB ports for extending to external devices

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures