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AccuScript High Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase & RT-PCR Kits - Details & Specifications

AccuScript High-Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase (RT) delivers the highest reverse transcription accuracy currently available. This new MMLV-derived RT generates cDNA with 3 to 6-fold fewer errors, while promoting full-length cDNA synthesis and superior RT-PCR performance. The AccuScript high fidelity RT-PCR system can amplify cDNA of 0.1–9.6 kb in length synthesized from 10–1000 ng of total RNA or 0.1–10 ng of poly(A)+ RNA. The AccuScript high fidelity RT-PCR system is ideal for applications such as gene cloning and sequencing and all other applications where replication fidelity is paramount.

Combining our AccuScript RT and our PfuUltra DNA polymerase lowers the incidence of errors nearly 8-fold compared to identical RT-PCR reactions performed with MMLV RT and a Taq high-fidelity blend. Moreover, even when cloning relatively short cDNAs, the probability of recovering error-free clones is dramatically improved by replacing your standard RT-PCR reagents with our AccuScript RT and PfuUltra DNA polymerase (Figure 1).

Eight-Fold Fewer cDNA Errors in a 1.1 kb fragment

Figure 1: Eight-Fold Fewer cDNA Errors in a 1.1 kb fragment! We selected and sequenced ~30 random clones to determine the number of cDNA clones containing errors (Panel A) and the total number of mutations (Panel B). The number of correct error-free clones(shaded bars in Panel A) using AccuScript™ High Fidelity Reverse Transcriptase and PfuUltra™ HighFidelity DNA Polymerase is 86% vs. only 25% using conventional error-prone RT-PCR reagents. Furthermore, the combination of AccuScript RT and PfuUltra™ High Fidelity DNA polymerase produced nearly 8-fold fewer errors per kb of cDNA (Panels B and C) compared to a competitor’s RT-PCR method.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures