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Accuracy In Compound Identification

Accuracy In Compound Identification

Accuracy In Compound Identification

Accuracy In Compound Identification

Forensic Toxicology analysis determines the absence or presence of drugs and their metabolites, chemicals, volatile substances, gases and metals in human tissues and other materials for law enforcement purposes. While traditionally an investigation of known compounds, the field of Forensic Toxicology is expanding into the identification of unknown compounds. Primary applications include post-mortem testing, driving under the influence (alcohol and illegal drug analysis) and sports/anti-doping testing.

Today, a developing area in Forensic Toxicology is the increasing use of Designer Drugs - synthetic analogs of illegal drugs developed to circumvent drug laws, i.e. bath salts, ecstasy, ketamine and methamphetamine. Analyzing these drugs can be difficult in both bulk format and in body fluids due to matrix interferences. Agilent has succeeded in using a combination of separation technologies, and powerful libraries to manage this challenging problem.

The field of Forensic Toxicology has further expanded beyond the traditional matrices of blood and urine to include hair, oral fluids and sweat. To learn more on our comprehensive solution on this topic, visit the Oral Fluid Analysis (For Forensic Use only) application page.

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Accurate and Comprehensive Mapping of Multi-omic Data to Biological Pathways

Determination of Cannabinoids, THC and THC-COOH, in Oral Fluid using an Agilent 6490 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

Method Development of Mixed-Mode Solid Phase Extraction for Forensics Applications

Quantitation and Confirmation of Blood Ethanol Content using a New GC/FID/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer

Featured Literature

Fast Analysis of Alcohol in Blood Using Headspace Injection

Agilent PoraPLOT Q column provides the right selectivity for the fast analysis of alcohol in urine using headspace analysis.

Improving Efficiency in the Forensics Laboratory: Introducing a New Controlled Substances Analyzer

Agilent introduces a new Controlled Substances Analyzer for use by Criminalists screening samples of unknown composition for drugs.

Analysis of Phencyclidine in Urine to U.S. SAMHSA Guidelines with LC/MS/MS and GC/MS

A single sample prep method prior to LC/MS/MS and GC/MS used Agilent Bond Elut Certify to extract phencyclidine (PCP) from urine.

High Sensitivity Screening for Drugs of Abuse Using All-Ions Acquisition on the Agilent 6550 QTOF

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Validated Methods for the Advanced Forensic Screening of Drugs of Abuse

Validated methods for Advanced Forensic Screening of Drugs of Abuse with LC/MS/MS

Forensics Sample Preparation Series

This webinar is a three part series that explores Agilent's solutions for sample preparation in forensic toxicology applications.
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