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Upgrade Programs

Upgrade Programs

Agilent's Upgrade Programs are specifically designed for customers who need to ensure efficient and seamless replacements of vacuum technology. Whether vacuum products have reached the end of their life or are being replaced with newer technology, our dedicated service will help ensure that upgrades and technology refreshes are carried out with minimal disruption to your daily operation. We offer a range of upgrade offerings to facilitate the process and our experienced personnel are on hand throughout to ensure success at every stage.

Service Details


  • Expert advice and services that ensure productivity and continuity before, during and after product upgrades.
  • Smooth, seamless transitions to next-generation equipment allowing you to enjoy the new functionality and benefits it brings.
  • Advice and assistance with all aspects of the upgrade, from parts and instrument logistics to warranty information support after replacement.

Additional Information

Further details on our specialist vacuum product support services are available on the pages below:

To view the entire range of Agilent's high quality vacuum products please view the product catalog.