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Practical Solutions Newsletter

Practical Solutions Newsletter
Practical Solutions Newsletter 17.3

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In this issue:

280-DS MQS

Automation optimization for UV-Vis and LC dissolution sample analysis

There’s no doubt that automated dissolution testing simplifies your life, and by integrating the Agilent 850-DS Sampling Station with your UV-Vis system it will be even easier. Now you just need a single system to perform your tests—independent of the analytical technique required.

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708-DS and 850-DS

Stay current with 708-DS and 850-DS

Agilent is announcing updates to the firmware versions of both the 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus and 850-DS Sampling Station. All new units will be delivered with this firmware. Existing units in the field may be upgraded at the user’s discretion.

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Dissolution sampling location: meet the latest CP requirements

Worried about the recent change in specifications for withdrawing dissolution samples in the Chinese Pharmacopeia (CP) 2015? No need! The design of the Agilent 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus ensures your samples can be taken at the properly specified location.

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