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NEW 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS

NEW Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS System

Your samples are precious and turnaround time is critical to the success of your organization. A sensitive, yet rugged instrument that provides day-in, day-out performance is cornerstone to your workflow. The NEW Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system is at the forefront of robustness, reliability and accuracy, which makes it a perfect option for many applications, including; peptide quantitation, food safety, environmental, clinical research and forensics.

  • •  Agilent's most sensitive LC/TQ – up to attomole-zeptomole levels using iFunnel Technology
  • •  Enhanced assay performance using efficient ion sampling and transmission
  • •  Reliable and robust performance from enhanced ion optic lenses
  • •  Efficient ion detection and quantification using high-energy conversion dynode and low-noise characteristics
  • •  Gate Valve Technology – perform ion source maintenance without having to vent the instrument
  • •  Screen, confirm and quantify – Triggered MRM (tMRM) combines fast and sensitive MRM quantification with the generation of a product
       ion spectrum for library searching and compound screening and confirmation

  Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS video   Agilent 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS brochure
  Watch to learn more about Agilent's 6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS   Click to download the brochure

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.