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MP-AES Sample Introduction Kit Supplies

MP-AES Sample Introduction Kit Supplies

Agilent provides a choice of convenient kits for handling aqueous or acidic samples with the Agilent MP-AES instrument. Each kit includes single pass glass cyclonic spray chamber, nebulizer (concentric for the high sensitivity kit and Conikal for the routine kit) and PVC peristaltic pump tubing with white/white tabs (excludes peristaltic pump tubes for spray chamber drain). The MP-AES organics kit, includes all items required to adapt the 4100 MP-AES for determination of organic solvents including External Gas Control Module (EGCM), inert OneNeb nebulizer, and solvent resistant tubing (does not include a double pass glass cyclonic spray chamber which is recommended). 4200 MP-AES users should order only the EGCM (p/n G8004A), as all other items are supplied by default.

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