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RapidFire 365

RapidFire 365

The RapidFire 365 High-throughput MS System provides faster, more efficient analyses of functional biochemical assays and samples in biological matrices. For drug discovery organizations , the Agilent RapidFire provides automated high-capacity sample analysis, a more successful approach to HTS of challenging drug targets and a 10x faster throughput for MS-based analyses like in vitro ADME assays. For clinical research and forensic toxicology organizations, RapidFire is an end to end solution that delivers shorter time to results, reduced operational costs and automated high-capacity sample processing.

The Agilent RapidFire/MS System is used by all of the top 10 global pharmaceuticals and by many prominent clinical labs. Published data shows how it has improved outcomes in early stage drug discovery and clinical research workflows.

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