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7000C Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System

7000C Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System

The 7000C Triple Quadrupole GC/MS was designed to deliver the most accurate quantitative results and confident identification even in the most complex matrices. The 7000C GC/MS system’s 4fg OFN Instrument Detection Limit (IDL) is demonstrated upon installation verifying unmatched ALS, GC and MS performance. Coupled with the 7890B GC, the 7000C MS works in perfect harmony to enhance productivity, save resources and alert operators about pending maintenance. The MassHunter software’s new, enhanced MRM optimization tools and the Pesticides and Environmental Pollutants Database comprehensive information content provides simple yet flexible MS/MS method development.

Agilent has recently launched a new version of the 7000 to learn more about the advantages of this new instrument please see the 7000D Triple Quadrupole GC/MS

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