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ICP-MS Accessories

ICP-MS Accessories

Extend the Scope of Your ICP-MS Instruments with Flexible Sampling Accessories

For complete flexibility in your ICP-MS applications, Agilent provides a range of sampling devices and accessories compatible with Agilent ICP-MS and ICP-QQQ instrumentation. We offer a range of autosamplers, high matrix introduction (HMI/UHMI) technology and the third generation Integrated Sample Introduction System (ISIS 3) to automate your analysis and maximize sample throughput. Field-proven connection kits for LC-ICP-MS and GC-ICP-MS ensure that your speciation applications can be run reliably and reproducibly. Connection to laser ablation (LA), field flow fractionation (FFF) and other sampling devices are also available, and kits are available for the introduction of volatile organic solvents or samples that contain HF.

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