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Transformer Oil Gas Analyzers (TOGA)

8890 GC System with 7697A Headspace Sampler

Transformer Oil Gas Analyzers (TOGA)

Electrical transformers "transform" voltage from one level to another, usually from higher to lower voltage. Transformers use oil as a coolant and insulator. Gases are formed within this oil due to natural aging and faults from oxidation, vaporization, oil breakdown, electrolytic action, or insulation decomposition. Since the oil bathes every internal component, dissolved gases in the oil contain a lot of diagnostic information. As transformers can be very expensive to replace, monitoring these gases is critical to know when a transformer should be removed from service before catastrophic failure. Presence of individual gas components and their ratios indicate possible failure mode. Agilent provides a family of factory-tested, ready-to-use GC analyzers for transformer oil gas analysis (TOGA) using a Headspace Sampler.

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