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4500 Polymer ID Package

4500 Polymer ID Package

The 4500 Polymer ID Package is ideal for:

• The verification of polymer for QA/QC, recycling, supply chain management

The 4500 Polymer Package enables analysts to determine in seconds the chemical composition of a polymer.

The 4500 Polymer Package is based on Agilent’s battery powered, fully portable 4500 FTIR spectrometer system. This powerful spectrometer brings the power of FTIR to the sample, regardless of location, and delivers lab-quality results. The spectrometer in this package is equipped with a triple reflection diamond ATR sample interface and an in-depth ATR polymer library. An extended spectral polymer library is also available.

In short, this package provides a powerful means for ensuring product quality and safety, providing proactive support for intelligent supply-chain management.

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