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About Seahorse

The power of Seahorse XF technology provides real-time kinetics that unlocks essential cellular bioenergetic data

Understanding how bioenergetics regulates cellular function is a question scientists are challenged with every day. Seahorse XF technology and stress test kits make cellular bioenergetic studies simple, efficient and user-friendly. Introduced in 2006 Seahorse XF technology combines a sophisticated electro-optical instrument with "smart plastic" cartridges to enable the real-time measurement of cellular bioenergetics in a non-invasive, multi-well microplate format.

The first in vitro metabolic measurement, Seahorse XF technology non-invasively profiles the metabolic activity of cells in minutes, offering scientists a physiologic cell-based assay for the determination of basal oxygen consumption, glycolysis rates, ATP production, and respiratory capacity in a single experiment to assess mitochondrial dysfunction.

Scientists Worldwide are using Seahorse XF technology for a faster, better, and more accurate measurement of real-time cellular bioenergetics.

By measuring the two major energy producing pathways of the cell simultaneously, mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis, scientists get the most physiologically relevant bioenergetic assay available, resulting in a better overall view of metabolism. Seahorse XF technology also measures fatty acid oxidation, and metabolism of glucose and amino acids for kinetic metabolic information.

No labels, radioactivity, dyes, trypsin, or permeabilization!

Adherent cells, primary cells, suspension cells, and isolated mitochondria can be analyzed easily. Seahorse XF technology allows you to measure mitochondrial function, and dysfunction, in living cells with less set up and clean up than Clark electrode methods.

Measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolytic function in cells with Seahorse XF Stress Test Kits.

XF Cell Mito Stress Test Profile

XF Cell Mito Stress Test

The fundamental parameters of mitochondrial function: basal respiration, ATP turnover, proton leak, and maximal respiration, or spare respiratory capacity.

XF Glycolysis Stress Test Profile

XF Glycolysis Stress Test

The fundamental parameters of cellular glycolysis: glycolysis, glycolytic capacity, and glycolytic reserve capacity.

By combining quality controlled reagents with real-time, label-free measurements provided by Seahorse XF technology, the Seahorse XF Cell Mito Stress Test Kit provides a complete mitochondrial stress profile; and the Seahorse XF Glycolysis Stress Test Kit reveals a complete glycolytic profile of the cell; while dedicated software algorithms automatically calculate the key metrics, simplifying data analysis and interpretation.

Everything you need to measure mitochondrial dysfunction in cells

Serving the life sciences industry since 2001, Seahorse Bioscience provides industry-leading analytical instruments, biomanufacturing systems and consumable labware products for biological research and drug discovery. Our customers include scientists at academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, as well as OEM manufacturers of assay kits and lab instruments suppliers.

Quality Policy

Seahorse is committed to satisfying its customers. Seahorse shall achieve this with continual improvement of its Quality Management System, Processes, and Customer Service. Seahorse is committed to comply with requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.