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Interphex Japan 2018

Interphex Japan 2018
New Software for Data Integrity and Enterprise Service

Agilent Japan will exhibit some new products, such as Ultivo and PrimeLC, and also deliver two exhibitor's presentations at Interphex Japan 2018, International Pharmaceutical R&D and Manufacturing Expo. Agilent will introduce brand-new chromatography data and networked data management system to comply with data integrity and enterprise service to meet with customers' lab needs. To see the information in Japanese, please visit Japanese website.


June 27 (Wed) - 29 (Fri), 2018


10:00 - 18:00 (last day until 17:00)


Tokyo Big Sight

Agilent Booth No.


Introduction of Agilent AdvanceBio HPLC Columns
Date/Time: June 27 (Wed) 14:20 - 14:50
Venue: E-2 (East 1 Hall)

Talk about Agilent AdvanceBio HPLC Columns for therapeutic biological product HPLC analysis.

How to apply to the request for Data Integrity right now
Date/Time: June 28 (Thur) 11:50 - 12:20
Venue: E-2 (East 1 Hall)

You don't need to give it up! You still have time! We can introduce you how to apply to the request for Data Integrity.

Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS Ultivo

Ultivo delivers the robustness, reliability, and performance required for high-throughput sample analysis, 24/7. Ultivo is packed full of the same power and accuracy you'll find in the big guys but at a fraction of the size.


1260 Infinity II
Prime LC
Prime LC

Best New Separations Product 2017 Award winner!With high-performance instrumentation and automated solutions for mobile phase blending and method transfer, it's the most capable LC for your everyday analyses.


Data Integrity /
LED Consulting
OpenLab CDS

Introducing of the latest chromatography data system - OpenLAB CDS 2.x - and network data management system - OpenLAB ECM -, and Enterprise Service to provide complete solution to your needs.