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  Agilent Certified Reconditioning Service

Get new productivity
out of your old lab equipment.
Recondition your existing Agilent LC and GC systems for like-new performance

At Agilent, we understand that current economic conditions may be impacting your laboratory operations. Perhaps you've received used instruments as a result of restructuring, consolidation or auction. Or maybe you've had to re-commission long-ago retired systems just to keep pace with increasing demands. That's where Agilent Certified Reconditioning Service comes in.

Get the most out of the investments you’ve already made:

• Restore outdated LC and GC systems to like-
new performance—for a fraction of the cost of a
new system.
• Recondition previously owned Agilent
instruments to certified factory-level
specifications, no matter where you purchased
• Refurbish your systems and get a full year of
Advantage Bronze repair coverage, plus our
industry-leading Agilent Service Promise.

Learn more and request a quote.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer.
Agilent Certified Reconditioning Service is the only factory-level refurbishment available for Agilent LC and GC systems. It's the only service you can trust to keep your lab—and budget—operating at peak performance. And it's only available for a limited time.

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  Get certified performance by reconditioning your LC and GC system
Factory reconditioning includes:
Performance certification
Full year of repair coverage
And much more


Our measure is your success.

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