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  New Agilent 7000A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
Maximum sensitivity. Maximum uptime.

7000A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS
Are you measuring pesticides in food and water, ultra-trace drugs in complex biological matrices, or contaminants in environmental samples? Whatever youre analyzing, Agilents new 7000A Triple Quadrupole GC/MS delivers lower limits of detection and advanced high-speed GC/MS/MS quantitation, even with the dirtiest samples in the most demanding matrices.

Routine femtogram-level sensitivity and
superior selectivity–even with the most
challenging samples

Acquisition speeds of up to 500 MRM
transitions per second let you confirm and
quantitate more targets in a single method

Easy-to-use MassHunter software simplifies
data analysis, review and reporting

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Triple Quadrupole GC/MS


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