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  Keep up with growing threats
to environmental safety

Take changing regulations and testing methods in stride.
With Agilent as your partner, you're always one step ahead of new regulations, emerging contaminants, and complex new testing methods. Because we deliver the information, products and applications that help you respond to new challenges effectively, while shortening your analysis time and boosting your lab's productivity. That's why we're the world's premier provider of environmental testing solutions.

A broad portfolio with a single purpose.
Agilent's wide array of instruments and applications are all designed to make your lab as efficient and reliable as possible. Solutions including GC/MSD, GC/Triple Quad, LC/MS, and ICP-MS provide important advantages to your lab's performance.

• Fast, sensitive analysis plus accurate
indentification and quantification
• Simple, fast analyses in complex matrices
• Shorter cycle times and lower cost per analysis
• Less sample dilution for metals analysis

Important Information on Emerging Contaminants
At Agilent, we're committed to helping you stay on top of emerging threats, changing regulations and the best available solutions for water-testing. That's why, right now, we're offering you a free guide to emerging environmental contaminants.

Just complete a brief download form to access this informative Applications Compendium now.

Our measure is your success.

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