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The Agilent 7000B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS


    See for yourself how GC/MS/MS
    can improve your lab's
    performance and productivity.

performance and productivity

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Triple Quadrupole analyzer The only Triple Quadrupole analyzer designed specifically
for GC analyses.

Sooner or later, you're going to need the sensitivity and selectivity of GC/MS/MS. Here are two good reasons why “sooner” is Clearly Better.

1. Consistently superior analytical

• Routine femtogram-level limits of
detection and quantitation,
plus exceptional
area precision with complex sample matrices.

• Maximum selectivity—ensures fewer false
negatives and false positives—and maximum
certainty in your results.

2. Maximum uptime and productivity
• Shorter cycle times—thanks to reduced
sample prep, use of shorter columns, and
quicker bakeout or backflush. Faster, easier
peak integration also streamlines data review.

• Reduced maintenance—with less sample
injected on-column, there’s less maintenance
for the inlet, column, and source.

Our measure is your success.

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