Parts Finder

Use Agilent Parts Finder to quickly locate replacement parts for your Agilent Technologies, Inc. instruments. Finding and ordering a part is as simple as clicking on an instrument model, clicking to locate the part, adding the part to a parts list, and printing the list for easy ordering.

When launched from an Agilent data system, Parts Finder also incorporates part configuration information that you have already entered into the instrument. Parts Finder will include any parts data configured in your 7890 Series GC and will show only the instrument component views that match the installed instrument system.

Find Parts

Click Find Parts to display the available instruments grouped by type (samplers, gas chromatographs, mass selective detectors, and so forth).

  • Click an instrument to find parts for it.
  • Show or hide groups of instruments by clicking +/-.

When launched from an Agilent data system, Find Parts will also display a section called My Configuration, which lists the instrument models configured in that data system session. These models provide data for only the installed and configured GC inlet and detector types, and include any part data you have entered into the system (for example, configured columns, inlet liner part number, syringes, MS rough pump type, MS source type, and so on).

To search for a specific part, type in the search field search field and click magnifying glass. The search finds hits in all available models, sorted by model name.

Parts List

The Parts List is a temporary list of the parts you want to order now. This list is not saved when you close the software. To maintain a list of frequently-ordered parts, add them to your Favorites list instead.

  • To change a part quantity, simply edit the value shown.
  • To select a part for printing, saving, and so forth, select its checkbox.
  • To select all parts in the list, select the checkbox at the top of the column.

Add Selected To: Click to add the selected parts to your Favorites list.

Remove Selected: Click to delete the current selections from the parts list.

Quick Order: Click to save the entire current parts list to a file, then automatically launch a browser session for the Agilent online store and upload the parts list to a shopping cart. Requires an Internet connection.

Save As: Click to save the entire current parts list to an Agilent Store Quick Order file (a comma-separated variable file, .CSV), a text file, or a PDF file. To use the Agilent Store Quick Order CSV file, log in to the Agilent online store using any PC connected to the internet, then click QUICK ORDER. Use the web site to upload the CSV file parts to a shopping cart.

Print: Click to print the entire current parts list.


Use your Favorites to list frequently-ordered parts. Add parts you frequently order to the Favorites list, then add them directly to the Parts List by selecting them and clicking Add Selected To > Parts List. Parts Finder stores the Favorites list for you—the list is always available.

To remove a part from this list, select it then click Remove Selected.


When Parts Finder loads, it automatically checks for updated parts data (internet connection required). If a new update is found, the Updates button changes to show the number of new instrument models or models with available updates.

Click Updates to view the new or updated instrument models. Select the models to update or add, then click Install Selected Instruments to download and install the selected parts data. Updating data does not change your favorites or the current parts list.

Manually Add/Update Instrument: If working offline, you can manually import new or updated instrument parts information. For example, you can use one PC to download new or updated instrument data from the Agilent website, then copy the data onto the PC running Parts Finder.

  1. Select Manually Add/Update Instrument.
  2. Browse to and select the downloaded .ipb file.

Check for Updates: Click to check now for parts updates on the Agilent website.

To find the latest part information:

  1. Visit the Agilent web site at
  2. Select your instrument or system type, for example, Gas Chromatography.
  3. Select your product, for example, 7890B GC, and click Details.
  4. Select the Utilities tab.
  5. Select Parts Finder.

The page that appears will provide information about Parts Finder, and about how to download the latest Parts Finder version and the latest instrument parts data.


Navigate to a part by using your mouse to click on images of the instrument, in the same way that you would move around the instrument, lift covers, and so forth.

Click Home to return to the starting view (model selection view).

Click Back button to return to the previous view.

Using the history

After clicking a view, a list of links appears above the instrument images. Use these links to navigate backwards to previously-viewed images.


I do not see my part in the views for my instrument

Parts Finder may not list all available parts for an instrument or accessory. For the latest parts information:

  1. Check for updates to the available parts data.
  2. Check the Agilent online store.
  3. For parts still not found, contact your local Agilent service representative or organization.

I do not see my instrument model

Check for updates to find the most recent instrument parts information. If your instrument model is not available, visit the Agilent online store to locate instrument parts.