Agilent Technologies' new prep LC columns offer highest loadability among commercial preparative columns

Columns last for 1,000+ injections, provide reproducible purification of micrograms to grams across different column sizes

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 29, 2004

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a line of preparative liquid chromatography (LC) columns designed specifically for industrial-scale purification of target compounds in the pharmaceutical industry. The Agilent Prep LC columns offer the highest loadability among major commercial preparative columns, enabling chemists to reliably purify more product at a lower cost.

In addition to loadability, the new columns satisfy the other main criteria of an effective preparative LC column: stability and scalability. The columns are very stable, maintaining good efficiency and peak shape for more than 1,000 injections. They also provide excellent scalability, the measure of separation reproducibility across columns of different internal diameters. Their scalability enables users to purify microgram to gram quantities of product with consistent results, making method transfer simple and predictable.

The columns use C18 and bare silica as the packing material, which offer high carbon load and large surface area for better loadability. Loadability is the maximum amount of sample that can be placed onto the column without reducing its selectivity. In comparison to major competitive columns, the Agilent Prep columns provide the highest loadability at both low and high pH, which helps increase product yield and system throughput.

The Agilent Prep columns are the first columns from Agilent to use a 10 Ám particle size, which allows the use of lower column pressures for longer column lifetime. A 5Ám particle size is available for high-efficiency separation or very complex samples. The columns are offered in internal diameters of 4.6, 21.2, 30 and 50 mm for method development and analysis flexibility.

Further information is available by requesting the Agilent technical overview "Agilent Prep LC Columns -- High Performance Preparative Columns for Maximum Sample Purification," 5989-1269EN. This overview is available without charge from any Agilent sales office or at


The Agilent Prep LC columns are available now and are compatible with the Agilent 1100 Series Purification System and other commercial preparative HPLC systems.

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