Agilent Technologies enables peptide mapping of antibodies up to 20x faster than traditional methods

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 17, 2004

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a liquid chromatography (LC) application for separating and identifying protein fragments that is up to 20 times faster than typical methods. The application dramatically reduces the cost and time required for high-resolution peptide mapping of antibodies, an important class of proteins used in general research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Peptide mapping is a technique for analyzing proteins by separating and detecting the mixture of fragments (peptides) generated when a protein is broken up with chemicals or enzymes. The analysis can provide information about the original protein's sequence and detect subtle differences between proteins when coupled with mass spectrometry.

Most peptide mapping methods rely on traditional LC columns containing totally porous particles. Agilentís application uses an LC column packed with Poroshell, a superficially porous chromatographic media, to dramatically reduce the time required for peptide mapping of human monoclonal antibodies. Compared to traditional methods, the new application reduces analysis time from 120 minutes to 20.5 minutes, achieving a six-fold increase in speed without a loss in resolution.

For ultra-high-speed peptide mapping, the application enables run times as low as 5.6 minutes, a 20-fold increase in speed, with a resolution loss of 18 to 19 percent. The impact of this resolution loss is minimal, however, when using a sensitive, discriminating detector such as a mass spectrometer.

Available in Agilent ZORBAX Poroshell 300SB columns, Poroshell packing technology uses particles consisting of a solid silica core surrounded by a thin outer layer of porous silica. This innovative design allows for higher throughput and flow rates while maintaining sharp peak shape and excellent resolution. During separation, proteins and peptides rapidly diffuse into and out of the thin porous shell and elute in seconds as easily resolved, narrow bands. Agilent ZORBAX Poroshell 300SB columns are available in a variety of internal diameters and bonded phases.

Further information is available by requesting Agilent application note "High Speed and Ultra-High-Speed Peptide Mapping of Human Monoclonal IgG on ZORBAX Poroshell 300SB-C18, C8, and C3," 5989-0590EN. This note is available without charge from any Agilent sales office or at

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