Agilent Technologies provides whole human genome microarray with industry-leading sensitivity and scanner compatibility

Gene-expression customer base doubles in 2003 due to platform openness, sensitivity

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 3, 2004

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced commercialization of its whole human genome microarray compatible with major 1" x 3" microarray scanners. The microarray provides the same industry-leading sensitivity and compatibility with microarray scanners that has contributed to the doubling of Agilent's gene-expression customer base in the past year. This microarray benefits scientists researching disease and developing therapeutic interventions in such areas as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Agilent's gene-expression customer base doubled to more than 400 in 2003 due to researchers seeking higher sensitivity results and "homebrew" scientists migrating to commercial 1" x 3" microarray solutions. Recent studies, including groundbreaking research being presented this week in Madrid, demonstrate that Agilent's 60-mer oligo microarray systems provide the highest sensitivity available, resulting in better detection of low-expressing (or rare) genes compared with other commercial gene-expression solutions. As the only open-platform solutions provider, Agilent also enables scientists to easily migrate from their lab-made, 1" x 3" microarrays to high-quality commercial microarrays with the lowest startup costs.

Agilent's whole human genome microarray represents approximately 41,000 genes and transcripts, based on the most current genomics information available. The new microarray doubles Agilent's number of gene probes on a single array, while delivering the proven sensitivity, reproducibility and quality of Agilent's open platform.

The microarray includes up-to-date content and annotations from the major public sequence databases, including RefSeq, GoldenPath and Ensembl. Gene probes have been validated through Agilent's rigorous methodology, which includes computational and experimental wet-lab validation. Additional space is available on each microarray for the inclusion of customer-proprietary genes via Agilent's Custom Microarray Services.

"Through our testing of this product, we've determined that Agilent's new double-density, 44K-format microarray performs with a sensitivity and reproducibility equivalent to its highly sensitive 22K format," said Pat Hurban, Ph.D., head of investigational genomics at Paradigm Genetics. "We were able to perform these experiments with no change to our current workflow or instrumentation, while increasing our time and cost efficiency by processing only one microarray instead of two."

Based on the industry-standard 1" x 3" glass-slide format, Agilent's whole human genome oligo microarray does not require researchers to purchase a new scanner. Researchers can take best advantage of the increased genome content coverage and high sensitivity by using Agilent's high-performance DNA microarray scanner and feature extraction software. Alternatively, labs with 1" x 3" microarray scanners can run Agilent's microarrays on their existing equipment and feature extract them using BioDiscovery's ImaGene image analysis software.

Advantages of a whole genome microarray include:

  • Lower experimental cost. Not only is one microarray less expensive than two, it requires fewer reagents and reduces user handling and instrumentation demands.
  • Streamlined workflow. Researchers need to prepare and process only one microarray instead of two. This also results in fewer steps in the subsequent data analysis.
  • Reproducibility. Use of a single microarray further reduces unnecessary variability in experimental conditions.
  • Smaller sample requirements. A smaller quantity of sample material can be used to perform an experiment.

Pricing and Availability

The Agilent Whole Human Genome Microarray kit (G4112A), which includes a set of five microarrays, is now available. For further information, including details about academic and volume discounts, visit

For more information regarding BioDiscovery ImaGene image analysis software validated for use with 1" x 3" microarray scanners and the Agilent whole genome microarray, visit

About Agilent Technologies

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