Agilent Podcast Series

The Agilent Podcast Series is a new series that explores thought-provoking themes by showcasing some of the cutting-edge work being done by Agilent customers and collaborators around the world.


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  • What is Innovation?

    What is Innovation?

    Agilent Podcast Series

    From the ‘big ideas’ that can change the world, through to the approaches we use to discover them, join Agilent in this podcast as we explore the meaning of the word innovation, and the significance of innovation in practice. Hear from the experts, entrepreneurs and business leaders as they discuss the meaning of innovation, its challenges, and what innovation in practice looks like. Interviewees include:

    • Erik Micheelsen, from the Innovation Embassy in Denmark.
    • Professor Arturo Keller from UC Santa Barbara.
    • Darlene Solomon, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Agilent.
  • The Many Dimensions of Space

    The Many Dimensions of Space

    Agilent Podcast Series

    An in-depth look into what space means to scientists by exploring the work its customers and collaborators are doing in the research of gravitational waves, as well as the significance of space innovation in the research lab setting, and the design of laboratory equipment. Interviewees include:

    • Dan Watch from the architecture firm Perkins & Will, who says efficient labs should have flexible building designs for optimal usage of space, 3D modelling, and open concept layouts.
    • Shane Tichy, R&D Manager for Agilent's LC/MS Single and Triple Quadrupole business, who says that the most important thing to note when designing and developing lab equipment is to make them as compact as possible without compromising efficiency, which they achieved with the Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS mass spectrometer.
  • Fighting Cancer

    Fighting Cancer

    Agilent Podcast Series

    How have developments in research, drug development and management created new paradigms in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and what this could mean for the future. Interviewees include:

    • Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo, a physician-scientist known widely for his research in experimental pathology and molecular oncology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
    • Brian Dranka, Ph.D., Manager of Biology, Agilent Cell Analysis Division.
    • Hans Christian Peterson, Director of Scientific Affairs at Dako, Agilent Pathology Solutions

Insights Podcasts

Insights Podcasts are a variety of podcasts providing insights on new Agilent products, applications and important trends, including Agilent Thought Leader Award research.