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World Water Week

World Water Week draws global attention to the important issues surrounding one of our most critical natural resources. Agilent and our partners play an important part in helping deliver a wide range of solutions to address these issues, and this year we are focusing on our work in the area of PFAS.

World Water Week

Highlight on PFAS

This year during World Water Week Agilent is highlighting the issue of PFAS. There is an urgent need to address this global problem. PFAS contaminates the environment and drinking water worldwide presenting a huge risk to public health. These 'forever chemicals' do not break down and continue to persist in the environment and accumulate in our bodies.

Audio News Release

Listen to the PFAS Audio News Release Listen to the PFAS Audio News Release


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World Water Week is an annual week-long global water conference held in Stockholm and organized by SIWI. The dates for World Water Week this year are August 25-29. During the week events and conference sessions address a wide range of the world's water, development and sustainability issues and related concerns of international development. The week features experts and representatives from business, governments, water management and science sectors, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, research and training organizations, and United Nations agencies. Functioning as an open and dynamic platform, World Water Week aims to link practice, science, policy and decision-making. It enables participants to exchange views and experiences, form partnerships and shape joint solutions to global water challenges.

Agilent Solutions

Agilent provides solutions for the detection and analysis of PFAS. Complete end-to-end workflows for extraction, quantification, and reporting of PFAS in the environment. These includes sample containment, sample preparation tools, extraction products, and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry.

Routine and regulatory quantification of PFAS can be achieved with the use of Agilent's extremely sensitive, reliable and robust tandem quadrupole LC/MS (LC-MS/MS) instrumentation while identification of new and novel PFAS in the environment is possible with the accurate mass, high resolution quadrupole time of flight (Q-TOF) instrumentation.

Agilent technologies and solutions are used to ensure the safety of the world's drinking water.  Agilent has developed protocols for measuring and analyzing PFAS, assessing environmental volatiles, detecting trace organic compounds, and determining microscopic concentrations of elements in wastewater and water samples. Agilent works with environmental researchers around the world to solve water issues and test water reuse schemes, to provide safe and sustainable water sources for everyone.