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Agilent Igniting Innovation Series

Agilent has been igniting innovation for 20 years this year, and this series of press briefings explores the trends and innovations empowering scientists to progress the next-generation laboratory. 

Igniting Innovation Series

Press Briefings

The Igniting Innovation series will explore the trends and innovations that are empowering scientists, and helping to progress the next-generation laboratory, as well as provide first-hand views from experts on the following drivers of innovation:

-  Product innovations and the latest advances in technology offering new approaches that
   will enable researchers to work smarter and faster towards the lab of the future. 
-  Sustainability of the laboratory and operations. 
-  Collaborations and partnerships that are advancing science.

The Igniting Innovation series features a selection of expert speakers who will provide their unique point-of-views on what is driving innovation in their field of research or industry.


#1. Spectroscopy: Igniting Innovation

The Agilent Vaya Raman raw material identity verification system is the first true through-barrier handheld Raman instrument, incorporating Agilent’s spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) technology for fast ID of incoming goods in a GMP ready package. 
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#2. Environmental Research: Igniting Innovation

In acknowledgment of Earth Day 2020, we focussed on research that shows the progress being made in environmental sciences, in areas such as promoting safe drinking water, and analyzing the air that we breathe.
     - Prof. Christian Zwiener, U. Tubingen, Germany
     - Prof. Jes Vollertsen, Aalborg U. 
     - Prof. Fiona Regan, U. Dublin City
     - Press briefing presentation 
     - Press briefing recording
     - Worldwide Water Warriors

#3. Efficiency & Sustainability: Igniting Innovation

Revolutionizing the lab, simplifying and enhancing lab workflow, and increasing productivity, while ‘greening the lab’ is considered a big part of the complex demands on modern laboratories. We are delighted to be joined by our expert speakers to explore the interplay between the important decisions faced by forward-thinking laboratory managers today.
   - Marc Boreham, Vice President, and General Manager,
      Laboratory Enterprise Solutions Division, Agilent.
   - Allison Paradise, CEO. My Green Lab
Press release:
   - Agilent Signs Sponsorship Agreement
     with My Green Lab
   - Press briefing presentation
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   - Sustainability — Innovation's New Frontier

#4. Collaboration & Partnerships: Igniting Innovation

Strategic partnerships are some of the most important types of collaboration, as well as potential sources of radical or breakthrough innovations in science. In this webinar two different perspectives on how partnership and collaborations can impact innovation and advancement in the lab are discussed.
   - Prof. Dr. Oliver Schmitz, University of Duisburg Essen
   - Kaj Petersen, GERSTEL GmbH & Co.KG
   - Press briefing presentation
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