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Introducing a World Class GC Portfolio

The new 8890, 8860, and improved Intuvo GC Systems set a new standard in intelligent GC analysis for the environmental, and chemicals and energy markets

8860/8890 GC Systems

Agilent 8860 GC System

The Agilent 8890 GC System is an intelligent Gas Chromatographer, allowing remote connectivity and autonomous monitoring to maximize laboratory productivity, addressing the needs of over half of lab managers to increase productivity and throughput. In doing so, the 8890 continues Agilent's industry-leading legacy to ensure reliability and performance.

Agilent 8860 GC System

The Agilent 8860 GC System sets a new standard for a wide range of routine GC analyses, all the while retaining the optimal testing standards of the Agilent 8890 GC System. Based on the core platform designs of the 7890 GC, the world’s most widely used GC system, the 8860 elevates routine GC analysis to new levels of performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness.