Improving the economics of the lab

Improving the economics of the lab

Laboratories like yours face challenges that go beyond science. Managers run their labs like a business, looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency so they can improve their return on investment.

Three years ago, Agilent launched CrossLab to deliver a new capability to Agilent customers. Through CrossLab, Agilent is focused on supporting improved laboratory workflows and optimizing lab-wide operations. CrossLab encompasses services for both Agilent and non-Agilent instruments, columns and supplies, along with experts who provide an array of services such as training and education, inventory management, relocation services, data analytics, lab-management consulting and technology refresh programs that include buy-backs of older instruments.

Focused on your outcomes

In addition to understanding your instruments, our service engineers seek to understand the applications you are running and the software you are using, and will connect you to a team of Agilent specialists to help you get the answers you need to develop or optimize your method. We understand that this analytical outcome is your primary objective.

Beyond the application, the CrossLab capability is built around delivering a number of other key lab outcomes, including better lab economics, improved productivity, cost savings and improved efficiency through better utilization, financial management and more.

Providing support for the next generation of scientists

As analytical chemistry matures as a science, so too do many of the scientists who have worked in the industry for years. Today, many labs are filled with younger scientists who are new to the technology. Moreover, they often have many other responsibilities and new techniques to master. This has created a demand for more training and easier ways of doing things.

Agilent CrossLab is addressing this need in several ways:

  • Through broader access to training for all skill levels, available online and on site (see Agilent University).
  • Through "designed in" innovation, including breakthrough columns and supplies that make instruments easier to maintain and use.
  • Through CrossLab consulting that includes support for method development and optimization, as well as lab planning, utilization monitoring and other data analytics.

Agilent CrossLab is also investing in new ways for you to access Agilent expertise. One example is the Agilent Community, started in 2016, which continues to evolve as a place for scientists to collaborate, ask questions and interact with Agilent experts to help solve challenges.

A work in progress

Since 2015, when we launched CrossLab, we’ve added significant resources to our team and have evolved our training processes to support the vision. Our work continues and includes reprocessing the ways we provide access to Agilent expertise and support. We’re working with laboratories around the world to understand what we need to do, and ensure we build the capability to support their needs.

Keep watching to see how CrossLab evolves the way Agilent delivers for you in the future!

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Agilent CrossLab is about delivering insight that supports important outcomes, like better analytical results, higher productivity and cost savings. We want every interaction you have with us to yield high value for your lab.

We ask employees to share examples that illustrate some of the ways this effort around insight has yielded results for labs like yours. You can see some of their stories here.

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