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Corporate Report 2004
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Agilent enables the mobile devices people rely upon at work and home.

Wireless PDAs
Agilent plays a critical background role in testing the tools that help mobile professionals stay connected... more

Smaller phones and longer battery life
Samsung’s newest mobile phone includes a large, full-color LCD screen, and allows users to record 15-second videos and shoot digital pictures... more

Camera phones and optical mice
Camera-phone popularity continues to grow and Agilent is a major supplier of the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors and processors enabling this major consumer trend... more

Swift downloads
Optimizing networks to increase computer file-download speeds is another way Agilent increases productivity... more

High-speed networks
In 2004, Agilent broke the double-digit bandwidth barrier with the introduction of its Infiniium DSO80000 Series oscilloscopes and Agilent InfiniiMax II Series probing measurement systems, which include 10, 12 and 13-GHz versions... more

Fiber optic cable
Much of the ongoing installation of fiber optic cable occurs along existing infrastructure such as railways, power lines and roads... more

Fiber optic transceivers
The Internet continues to drive an insatiable demand for network bandwidth and data storage... more

Beyond the workplace
Increasing numbers of people are using the mobile Global Positioning System (GPS) in their car to find the fastest route to hard-to-find locations... more

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