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About us

Mobile handset manufacturers, network service providers, pharmaceutical companies, consumer electronics firms, and other businesses around the world rely on Agilent’s innovation and collaboration to help drive their success.

To the average consumer, Agilent’s test and measurement, semiconductor, automated test, and life sciences and chemical analysis products are not easily recognized. But Agilent’s tools help our customers build mobile phones with greater battery life and the latest features, monitor telecom networks to ensure connectivity with loved ones, help scientists uncover the causes of deadly diseases, and check food and water to ensure safety – to name just a few applications. In short, Agilent contributes to a life that’s safer, healthier, more productive, more connected – and even more fun.

Agilent’s global contribution includes not only actual products and services but also a passion for solving problems. With a 60-year history steeped in developing breakthrough measurement technologies and products as part of Hewlett-Packard Company, a culture of innovation lies at the heart of the company. Agilent combines expertise from a broad array of sciences and engineering with market and customer understanding to enable that innovation. Today, five-year-old Agilent blends its impressive heritage with the energy and creativity of a start-up.

Agilent is home to one of the world’s most innovative centrally funded research labs – Agilent Laboratories. Agilent Labs is a significant growth engine for the company, where scientists from diverse disciplines collaborate and develop synergistic solutions to customer problems. A close connection to Agilent’s businesses gives Labs the unique perspective and ability to innovate across the breadth of the company’s diverse technologies – from semiconductor products to life science tools.

Agilent Labs has a keen understanding of where technology is heading, while the Agilent businesses have clear perspectives on customer needs and markets. Working together, Labs and the businesses are able to incorporate innovations into products at the right time to meet customer needs – and achieve business success for Agilent.


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