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Corporate citizenship
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Corporate citizenship

Agilent’s ongoing commitment to corporate citizenship practices that are global, effective and innovative took many forms in 2004. We supported education, social service and environmental organizations in our many communities around the world; worked with several suppliers to address environmental, health and safety issues; and increased employee satisfaction with Agilent as an employer. These and other citizenship-related efforts help us not only to strengthen our communities but also develop a better understanding of the larger social and cultural conditions within which we operate. This understanding contributes to our success and will enable us to continue to achieve significant citizenship results in the future.

In 2004, Agilent:
Made cash and equipment investments totaling U.S. $5.2 million in universities, pre-university science and math education programs, environmental programs, and health and human services worldwide;
Enabled 20 percent of our employees worldwide to donate 50,000 hours for volunteer community service;
Implemented our second Agilent Action Week program, in which 1,700 employees at more than 50 locations worldwide volunteered on projects to improve the environment in their communities;
Reached 273,000 pre-university students and 14,000 teachers through our support or implementation of education programs, including the Agilent After School hands-on science program;
Ranked Number 9 in Business Ethics magazine’s "100 Best Corporate Citizens" list;
Adopted a Supplier Environmental and Social Responsibility Code of Conduct, and worked with some suppliers to address environmental, health and safety issues in their operations;
Reduced company-wide energy usage by 6.3 percent;
Made significant progress in tracking and eliminating lead and other hazardous materials from our component products;
Was identified by SustainAbility, the United Nations Environment Programme and Standard and Poor’s as a global Top 100 non-financial reporter based on our 2003 Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.

For the fourth consecutive year, Agilent in 2004 was selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and the FTSE4Good (Financial Times Stock Exchange) Global and U.S. Indices of socially responsible companies. Agilent also is included in several other socially responsible indices including Storebrand Investments, Calvert Social Index and the Ethibel Sustainability Index.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship is a defining Agilent value, and it will remain an important part of who we are and what we do. More details about our global citizenship programs are available in the company’s Environment and Social Responsibility Report 2004 at

"While business success and market leadership is clearly a business's first priority, I believe that true leadership companies set the standard in corporate social responsibility as well."

Ned Barnholt
Chairman, President
and Chief Executive Officer


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