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Year in Review

Communications and Electronics

Our electronic products and solutions business helped lead the convergence of wireless communications and the Internet in 2000.

• We enhanced the TS-5500 wireless handset test platform — the first commercially available platform that enables manufacturers to test mobile phones based on both GSM and CDMA, key protocols for wireless communications.

• The acquisition of SAFCO Technologies strengthened our wireless solutions portfolio. SAFCO’s software systems and data collection products enable customers to deliver voice and data services, such as wireless e-mail and real-time stock quotes.

• We opened the Singapore Microelectronics Modeling Center, whose purpose is to speed development of wireless products and technologies.

• The business expanded its offering of field test tools for the deployment of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) with two new handheld products.



• We brought a new family of optical spectrum analyzers to market this year. These analyzers help engineers study and refine optical components and systems that are critical to today’s high-speed networks.

The communications solutions business applied advanced technology and deep customer understanding to address the needs of network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), service providers and enterprises.

• The business introduced the industry’s first test solution for Radio Access Networks (RAN), which is the ground-based infrastructure needed to deliver the wireless Internet and other advanced wireless services. Agilent’s 3G Test System helps NEMs speed development of critical RAN software and equipment, such as base-station controllers.

• In June, we teamed with Lucent Technologies to demonstrate the capabilities of Agilent’s recently introduced RouterTester solution, a key enabling technology in the development of high-speed routers that move ever-increasing volumes of data across the Internet.

• At the Summer Olympics in Australia, our accessFIBER network management solution helped Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, monitor and manage a network that handled 28 billion telephone, audio, video and data transmissions flawlessly.

• We acquired two companies to strengthen our communications solutions. American Holographic, Inc.’s technologies enable a wide variety of optical communications applications in industry and research. Digital Technology, Inc. extends our ability to help NEMs develop and deploy next-generation, IP-based products and services.

Our automated test business achieved excellent results and won industry-wide recognition by delivering the right test solutions at the right cost while enabling customers to put information to work for them.



• The popularity of consumer electronics devices, from personal digital assistants to digital cameras, drove remarkable demand for Flash memory — memory that continues to function when the devices are shut off. This business extended its very successful Versatest series of Flash memory test systems with the V4400.

• We brought out the C200 model in our 93000 system-on-a-chip (SOC) test systems, which enables multiple test capabilities — analog, memory, high-speed interface, structural test and others — on a single platform.



• The versatility of the 93000 SOC series was an important factor in Motorola’s decision to designate the systems as approved high-end testers for several semiconductor product families.

• We formed an alliance with Silicon Wave, a leader in the design and development of radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for wireless and broadband communications devices. Silicon Wave’s products incorporate Bluetooth technology, which enables users to connect a wide range of computing and communications devices without the need to buy, carry or connect cables.



• A study by Prime Research Group, a leading industry research firm, confirmed Agilent as the industry leader in the testing of printed circuit boards by in-circuit and X-ray methods. This year, the 5DX Series 3 won “Best of Show” at the Denver Business Journal showcase of new industrial products.

Agilent’s semiconductor products business delivered leading-edge integrated circuits (ICs), fiber-optic transceivers and other components in the networking, wireless communications and imaging markets.

• The business made its first deliveries of a fiber-optic transceiver for 10-Gigabit/second Ethernet. The technology will help NEMs address the relentless demand for more networking capacity.



• Agilent achieved a breakthrough in a test ASIC when the semiconductor products business announced that it had embedded more than 50 communications channels in a single test chip; the current industry benchmark is four channels per chip. This can mean substantial savings in power usage, board space and cost to NEMs.

• Agilent provides crucial enabling technologies in imaging, including image sensors and processors used by digital-camera manufacturers. By year’s end, we had shipped more than 15 million optical position sensors for computer “mice” — the heart of a tiny digital camera that takes 1,500 pictures per second of the surface beneath the mouse.

• This year we agreed to acquire the Optical Technology Center (OTC) from Telecom Italia’s central research laboratory. OTC provides critical intellectual property and design talent to speed next-generation optical transceivers to market.

Chemical Analysis and Life Sciences
During 2000, Agilent’s chemical analysis business implemented a new DNA microarray program that enables researchers to access genetic information quickly and cost-effectively. We announced plans to open a new 15,000-square-foot DNA microarray production facility within the company’s Santa Clara, California site.

• We are collaborating with Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc. on its Resolver Expression Data Analysis System, which enables researchers to store, retrieve and perform high-level analysis of the massive amounts of data generated in genetic research.



• We brought out two new LabChip kits for use with the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer lab-on-a-chip platform. Working with Caliper Technologies Corp., we introduced the DNA 500 LabChip kit, which automates the analysis of DNA fragments to determine their size and concentration.

• This business also collaborated with Caliper on the Protein 200 LabChip kit, designed for protein chemists, biochemists and molecular biologists who analyze proteins that are created by genes and that “implement” genetic instructions in people and other organisms.