Pictured above, the Agilent Vacuum Ion Pump manufacturing team in Torino, Italy holds a socially distanced daily briefing. The team has remained active and focused on meeting demand for much-needed controllers during these difficult circumstances.

“In an unprecedented global emergency such as the one we are experiencing, we are fully committed to maintaining essential daily activities, paying particular attention to new policies, to make sure we are guaranteeing continuity of service.

Our Agilent VPD sites in Italy continue to operate thanks to the dedication of all the colleagues who are working despite the difficulties that the situation imposes. Manifesting a strong spirit of collaboration, these teams demonstrate extraordinary flexibility and an ability to quickly implement regulatory changes, adapting their working methods to ensure a safe working environment.

Meeting the demand even in challenging circumstances

In October 2020, the Agilent Ion manufacturing team accomplished what seemed impossible in the current environment; they completely renovated the ion pump line despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic. In October, the team was able to restore a clean room and integrate it into a new area of the site. Most of the equipment had to be relocated carefully and following strict guidelines in order to restart production in November.

It is a privilege to be able to do our part in this complex moment, and we take this responsibility very seriously, both as an organization and as individuals. By working together, we can all play a part in making things better.” Elizabeth Salsedo, Ion Pumps production supervisor said.