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Whether you are away from your lab or limiting access to your lab, you're probably thinking about how to stay productive.

Recent events have forced us all to look for ways to maintain productivity with less time in the lab or on site. While it can be challenging, it can also be a good time to refresh and acquire new skills, and learn from others.

Agilent is here to support you—take advantage of many online resources available on our website.

  • Agilent University Online
    Agilent University Online

    Agilent has 400 self-paced online courses available for on-demand, remote learning. More than half of them are free—see the list here.

    There are also learning paths for specific instruments at Agilent University Learning Paths.

  • Agilent Cloud Lab Online Courses
    Agilent Cloud Lab online courses

    When it comes to complex software procedures, practice makes perfect. New Agilent University courses feature Cloud Lab capabilities—so you can interact with the material just as if you're in the lab. 

  • Easy-access software tutorials
    Easy-access software tutorials

    New to OpenLab CDS? Or maybe you are interested in learning more features.

    Easy online tutorials are available to help you.

  • The Agilent Community
    The Agilent Community

    Interact with a community of more than 6,500 people like yourself worldwide—it's a good way to stay connected with the scientific community. Agilent experts also join in on the conversations.

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Maintaining lab operations in extraordinary times

Maintaining lab operations in extraordinary times

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Need a repair and can't have someone onsite?

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With over 400 instrument modules in stock and ready to ship, utilize our Instrument Exchange Services to replace defective modules.

Or if you need to retain your instrument, use the Return to Agilent Program to ship us your defective unit. We'll repair it and return your instrument back to you.

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We're in this together!

Agilent service engineers are using time at home to sharpen their software skills.

We're in this together! Agilent service engineers are using time at home to sharpen their software skills.

"One of the top areas we know our customers need support is in operating their software," says Darryl Bilan, an Agilent service engineer from Edmonton, Alberta. "There's always more to learn about software, but it's usually a challenge to find the time. And the best training is more hands-on."

Using new virtual sharing tools, video and collaboration, small teams of Agilent engineers are getting together to connect and develop their skills with advanced OpenLab CDS and MassHunter capabilities. "One person who's particularly knowledgeable about a topic will host a forum, then someone else will take what they learned and re-teach it to members of their team," Bilan says.