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Basic & Fine Chemicals

Sensitive, Cost Effective Analysis for Product Quality, Performance and Safety

A broad capability of solutions and analyses is vital for a wide range of basic and fine chemical products. Essential to chemical production is rigorous quality assurance and sensitive impurity testing. Analysis of production samples and finished products must be efficient for cost effective production and laboratory testing. Methods, data analysis and reporting are often subject to regulatory requirements and international standards.

When it comes to starting materials, intermediates, and finished products, Agilent offers a broad capability of solutions. From LC, GC, Mass Spectrometry, Atomic Spectroscopy, to X-ray Crystallography and NMR, delivering precision and consistency for product quality and safety including ever-increasing sensitivity for the rigorous standards of impurity testing. Trace level metal detection is achieved with the industry-leading 8800 ICP-MS. Accurate and robust analysis of chemical impurities is accomplished with the 7890 GC and 5977 GC/MS. The 1260 and 1290 Infinity LC and LC/MS Systems deliver fast, accurate results for safety and product quality testing. Automation solutions drive efficiencies in the measurement and reporting process to help you meet the demands of fast-paced decision making. Accurate and reproducible results ensure that your laboratory analysis can address regulatory requirements and international standards.