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Drug Discovery

Agilent's long standing expertise in measurement is driving the development of tomorrow's streamlined engines of discovery. With innovations in separation and detection technologies, like the 1290 Infinity II LC, analytical HPLC and UHPLC columns, the 6500 Series Accurate-Mass Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) LC/MS, and the 6495 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS system, Agilent provides superior sensitivity and data quality for profiling, identifying, characterizing, and quantifying compounds of interest with confidence. With automation platforms and RapidFire/MS solutions, we are also helping companies with high throughput applications such as lead discovery and ADME.

Our solutions are optimized to provide the data you need to propel the drug discovery process forward, so that every time you make a go, no-go decision, you have full confidence in the answer.