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Drug Development & Manufacturing

Modern drug development and manufacturing of small molecule pharmaceuticals requires the creation of efficient processes, fine-tuned evaluation of efficacy, and establishment of safety and manufacturing controls in order to provide high quality, safe, active ingredients and finished dosage forms. In today's competitive pharmaceutical industry, there is constant pressure to quickly develop new drugs that meet the high quality standards and attain regulatory approvals for marketing.

Agilent provides a wide range of products and services to assist drug development teams in creating highly productive and efficient processes using robust tools to meet the challenges in advancing small molecule drug development. By collaborating with labs worldwide, we have developed approaches to drug development, manufacturing and regulatory compliance that guarantee success. We simplify complexities across QC laboratories to ensure the greatest reproducibility from lab to lab, around the world. Agilent's comprehensive range of solutions and services allows for greater reproducibility, reliability and regulatory compliance through our quality by design approach.

The analysis of extractables and leachables (E&L) has emerged as an area of particular and growing interest in recent times, and it is one for which our broad portfolio of analytical technologies is particularly well positioned. We are fast at work developing tailored solutions for this application area and here you can find in depth information specifically for the E&L application area.