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Automated Protein Sample Preparation

High-precision and High-throughput Protein Sample Preparation

Automated biologic sample preparation enables quantitation and sample preparation in the same workflow, reduces errors and increases walkaway time with reliable, automated processes. For recombinant proteins, these automated sample preparation steps may include capture steps, glycan removal and labeling, and protein digestion for peptide mapping.

The Agilent AssayMAP platform is an open access, walkaway automation solution specifically designed for biomolecule sample preparation. It is based on the powerful combination of miniaturized, packed-bed chromatography cartridges, the state-of-the-art Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform, and a simple, application-based user interface that creates an open access environment for both novice and experienced automation users. The platform comprises a best-in-class liquid handler with 96 probe syringes that allow precise positive displacement flow control and flexible, customizable protocols to enable automated, high-throughput protein digestion and peptide cleanup in a microtiter plate format.