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Measurement & Analysis Solutions Vital To Successful Criminal Investigations

Agilent is proud to help ensure that the authorities and relevant independent organizations are amply supplied in the fight against crime. Effective detection, measurement and analysis solutions are vital in order for successful criminal investigations, prevention and enforcement; particularly as the nature of crime and evidence usage becomes increasingly complex and technical in nature.

Our range of advanced detection and analysis equipment covers all aspects of standard criminalistics processes. Available scanning and measurement solutions include Ion Trap GC/MS systems with unmatched sensitivity, reliable, day-to-day performance of LC/MS analyzers and advanced automation and workflow management capabilities enabled by MassHunter and OpenLAB software.

A particular area of expertise for Agilent is the fight against ‘Designer Drugs’ – compounds with the same chemistry and pharmacology as illegal substances, but that are not themselves banned. Agilent’s 240 Ion Trap and 7000 QQQ systems are at the forefront of this effort and the work has led to an expansion of our Forensic Toxicology Application Compendium (For Forensic Use only) and the accompanying Essential GC/MS Designer Drug Kit (For Forensic Use only).

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