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Nanoparticles Analysis by ICP-MS

The use of nanomaterials – as anti-bacterial agents in consumer products and healthcare, food additives, sunscreen and cosmetics, life science research, drug delivery and bioimaging, catalysts and coatings, electronics, optics and materials technology – has increased the concentration of these silica, metallic and organic based materials in the environment. The limited understanding regarding nanoparticle fate and impact in the environment has driven some countries to ban their use. Characterizing nanoparticle concentrations, distribution environmental impact require requires detection, quantitation and single particle characterization in complex matrices. Agilent’s solution for ICP/MS – Model 7900 ICP/MS and 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP/MS – Agilent’s solutions provide researchers with powerful, fast and cost effective tools that facilitate NP characterization, and quantitative analysis.