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Amino Acid and Media Analysis

Consistent Verification of Amino Acid and Media Content

Every protein or peptide has a unique amino acid sequence and composition. Because of this, amino acid analysis is used from drug discovery through manufacturing to demonstrate batch-to-batch consistency, for protein characterization, and for cell culture monitoring. 

HPLC with precolumn derivatization is a standard technique in the analysis of amino acids. Precolumn derivatization of free amino acids in solution for HPLC separations with UV or fluorescence detection is at times performed offline, manually. Drawbacks include: operator error; extra sample manipulation; additional time required; and increased risk of contamination. Automated online derivatization minimizes these error sources, instantly improves precision, and saves time.  

Consistent automated OPA-derivatization using injector programming of the HPLC's autosampler, and short, highly efficient columns generate a rapid, reproducible amino acid method ideal for cell culture media.  

Agilent Technologies offers numerous resources and products to help scientists analyze amino acids and media in biopharmaceutical products.