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On June 6 Seahorse Bioscience Becomes Agilent Technologies


How do I request a quote to purchase a new Seahorse XF instrument?
To request a quote contact your local sales/account representative, or request a quote via the product page on

I have a current quote from Seahorse Bioscience, is it still valid?
Yes, all current quotes offered through Seahorse Bioscience will be honored through their expiration date.

Will Seahorse XF consumables product numbers be changing and how do I place an order?
All XF consumables product numbers are remaining the same. On June 6 all XF consumables will be available to order via the ecommerce system.  

I was able to login to the Seahorse ecommerce system to order XF consumables, will I be able to login and order XF consumables via Agilent’s ecommerce system?
Yes, most customers will be able to order XF consumables on the website, but you may be required to reset your password. Existing Seahorse ecommerce customers will need to visit this webpage, enter their email address, and click submit. This will trigger an email to be sent from Agilent containing a link to reset the passwords. Once reset, users will have a new password to log into the Agilent ecommerce system.

Will my Seahorse Distributor be the same?
Visit the Contact Us page and select your country to view the list of Seahorse Distributors under the Cell Analysis category.

I used to make order payments to Seahorse, do I now pay Agilent?
Yes, all orders will now be fulfilled by Agilent. Invoices will be sent from Agilent with remittance instructions on the invoice.

I am a customer who is already set-up with Agilent as a vendor, do I need to do or change anything to my current vendor information?
No, if you are already set-up with Agilent as a vendor you do not need to do anything.


Are the terms of my support agreement/warranty changing?
As of June 6 support agreements that were with Seahorse will have been legally assigned to Agilent Technologies. There will be no changes to the existing terms and conditions. Support agreements issued on or after June 6 shall be with Agilent Technologies.


How do I contact Technical Support?
All contact details including Technical Support are available on the Contact Us via your country selection. Telephone numbers are listed below:
United States: (800) 227-9770 (toll free)
Europe: Denmark +45 31 36 98 78  Germany 0800 180 66 78  United Kingdom 0800 096 7632
China: +86 800-820-3278

Did Seahorse emails change?
Yes, Seahorse email addresses changed to Agilent email addresses. For example: is now You may continue to use the Seahorse email which will forward to the new Agilent email, but we recommend you update your records to reflect the new Agilent email address.

How do I schedule technical training?
Contact your sales representative or product specialist who will be able to advise you. You may also contact us via the Contact Us page.

Will I continue to receive Seahorse emails/notifications?
Yes, if you are currently subscribed, you will continue to receive all emails/notifications, but they will come from an Agilent email address. If you wish to subscribe please visit:


Where can I find information on that I used to find on
From the Products/Cell Analysis (Seahorse) navigation webpage click on the Learn about XF technology link. Or use the LiveChat function to chat with us.

Where can I download the latest version of WAVE software?
You can download the latest version of WAVE software by visiting then navigating to Products/Cell Analysis (Seahorse)/Seahorse Software. WAVE is also available via the XF instruments product pages.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.