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Introducing Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns


Remove roadblocks to aggregation analysis by
combining Agilent AdvanceBio SEC columns with
the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC System

Size exclusion chromatrography (SEC) is the standard method for aggregation analysis, and is required for submitting protein therapeutics for regulatory approval. You can reliably perform protein analysis—including dimer determination—with AdvanceBio SEC columns, which are available in a variety of sizes.

When you combine these innovative columns with the Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC system and Buffer Advisor software, you get a powerful solution for automated aggregate analysis using buffered mobile phases.

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Recorded SelectScience webinar

Faster Aggregation Method Development using
Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns
and Agilent Infinity II Bio-Inert 1260 LC with Buffer Advisor Software

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Agilent AdvanceBio SEC columns and 1260 Infinity II Bio-Inert LC system

Achieve the greatest level of confidence when analyzing biomolecules and compounds requiring inert conditions.

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  • Buffer Advisor software helps you create many buffer concentrations from minimal stock solution preparation—simplifying your SEC method optimization
  • Robust capillary and fitting technology facilitates the unique combination of metal-free bio-inertness and high-pressure operation
  • 100% metal-free sample flow path ensures robustness and true bio-inertness
  • Innovative column design that delivers lifetime, speed, accuracy, and reproducibility for the analysis of mAbs, their dimers and higher order aggregates

New AdvanceBio SEC Video

See how AdvanceBio SEC columns eliminate the roadblocks to successful mAb analysis.

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Comprehensive Information Kit

Includes technical details and product brochure—plus a NEW application note that discusses how to optimize protein aggregation methods using Agilent Buffer Advisor software.

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Agilent Bioseparations Workflow

Be Agilent Sure when performing aggregate and charge variant analysis.

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Agilent AdvanceBio columns are now part of
Agilent InfinityLab—an optimized portfolio of
LC instruments, columns, and supplies designed
to work together in perfect harmony.

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The Agilent AdvanceBio column family includes
Peptide Mapping, Glycan Mapping, SEC, Desalting,
Oligonucleotide, RP-mAb and more.

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The Agilent AdvanceBio column information kit consists of:

  • Brochure: End uncertainty. Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns
  • Application note: Quantitation of mAb and ADC Aggregation Using SEC and an Aqueous Mobile Phase
  • Application note: Separate and Quantify Rituximab Aggregates and Fragments with High-Resolution
  • Technical overview: Advantages of Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns for Biopharmaceutical Analysis
  • Technical overview: Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns for Aggregate Analysis: Instrument Compatibility
  • Flyer: Agilent AdvanceBio SEC columns. The real costs of your aggregation method.
  • Application note: Analysis of PEGylated Proteins with Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns
  • Application note: Size Exclusion Chromatography of Biosimilar and Innovator Insulin

New additions:

  • Application Note: High-throughput and Sensitive Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) of Biologics Using Agilent AdvanceBio SEC Columns
  • Application Note: Protein A Affinity Capture Followed by AdvanceBio SEC Aggregation Analysis Using the Agilent 1290 Infinity 2D-LC Solution