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VacIon Plus 200

VacIon Plus 200

From the ion pump technology leader whose innovations have become the standard in the industry, comes the Agilent's VacIon Plus 200 pump, the most suitable for a wide array of XHV (eXtreme High Vacuum) and UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) applications. VacIon Plus 200 is the first pump in the market that reaches the maximum pumping speed at low pressure (10-8 mbar range). This pump is available with Diode, Noble Diode or StarCell pumping elements and 8 inch ConFlat inlet flange. The Diode and Noble Diode configurations have the smallest footprint in the market allowing easy installation. The optimization and better homogeneity of the magnetic field, along with the introduction of the "Vacuum Firing" thermal treatment, make VacIon Plus 200 the best in class in its category for vacuum performance. The VacIon Plus 200 pumps can be operated with the state-of-the-art Agilent 4UHV controller, which can change the high voltage in order to feed the ion pump, in every pressure range, to the voltage for which its pumping speed is maximized.

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