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SD-1 Purification Systems

SD-1 Purification Systems

Known for gradient accuracy and reproducibility over an unmatched flow rate range, the Agilent SD-1 Purification System is a preferred system for chemists and process engineers worldwide. With a single configuration you can conduct scouting runs and scale up to gram or 100s of grams. The standard system is ideal for scale up from 1 mL/min to 200 mL/min, easy upgradeable to 500 mL/min flow rate. Combine the SD-1 Solvent Delivery module with an Agilent 410 Autosampler, 325 UV-Vis Dual Wavelength Detector and 440 Fraction Collector to purify even complex samples. For analytical and preparatíve applications use the OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Software.

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