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ZORBAX Eclipse Plus

ZORBAX Eclipse Plus

Eclipse Plus columns provide the ultimate in performance for silica-based columns. Peak shape for the Eclipse Plus is excellent for the most challenging basic compounds, improving efficiency and resolution with these sample types. These results are achieved by improvements in the silica manufacturing and bonding technology, which is completely controlled by Agilent. Eclipse Plus columns are the ideal first choice for method development of all samples. To achieve fast method development and superior productivity, choose an Eclipse Plus column with high-resolution 1.8 µm particles. For standard methods, conventional 5 µm Eclipse Plus Columns and Rapid Resolution 3.5 µm Eclipse Plus columns are your best choices. With all particle sizes, easy method transfer is possible.
The EC-C18, EC-C8 and Phenyl-Hexyl phases on Poroshell 120 are very similar to Eclipse Plus C18, Eclipse Plus C8 and Eclipse Plus Phenyl-Hexyl phases. See more on Poroshell 120.

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