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7696A Sample Prep Workbench

7696A Sample Prep Workbench

The Agilent 7696A Sample Prep Workbench provides consistent precision and eliminates errors associated with mundane sample preparation procedures, such as dilutions, internal standard additions, and derivatization. WorkBench with WeighStation provides the ability to weigh precision amounts of material directly into the GC or LC vial, allowing for weight calculations required in specific ASTM and EN methods.

WorkBench provides savings to the laboratory, eliminating the need for reinjections due to missed steps in sample preparation process, uses small volumes of chemicals and solvents, produces less waste, and doesn't require glassware other than sample vials. Automated sample preparation ensures consistent sample processing and eliminates analyst to analyst variability. The instrument’s automation capabilities, along with its ability to fit under most fume hoods, reduces lab workers’ exposure to derivatizing reagents, acids, bases, and other hazardous chemicals. The 7696A is the only sample preparation workstation offered by a major chromatography company and is backed by the reputable reliability of all Agilent instruments.

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