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Flow Cytometry

Our extensive range of reagents for flow cytometry are compatible with most flow cytometry instruments. The antibody/fluorochrome range includes FITC, RPE, APC, RPE-Cy5, Pacific Blue and PerCP reagents. Single-Color Conjugates We offer a wide range of high-quality, single-color conjugated antibodies for use in flow cytometry. We offer both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies conjugated with either APC, FITC, PB, PerCP, RPE or RPE-Cy5. Not all antibodies are available in all conjugated variants. Dual and Triple Color Conjugates The Dual and Triple Color Conjugates are composed of the well-established fluorochrome antibody conjugates FITC, RPE and APC. Kits and Accessories We also offer kits for specific tests or applications, e.g. for the study of CD34 count, telomeres as well as several lysing, fixation and permeabilization kits.